I promised myself I would never talk about this on a blog because I don’t understand it and the things I do talk about on here or my everyday life, I understand fully. I just got out of a deeply emotional relationship because well, I love deep everytime I do love someone special its a gift and a curse. Love scares me because everyone knows you either end up heart broken or you found your soul mate but. Even before love I had already lost and suffered at least ten years worth pain packed into five years. So naturally I’m afraid of any kid of relationship but the only thing I knew how to do was not give up cancer taught me how to do that. Commitment was what I knew how to do so despite everything bad about love I was never ready to give up. I always see a future with anything I ever put my mind too and when I love a someone. When I say something, when I say anything I am a man of my word or I try to be to the best of my ability. One thing I know certain of is that I cannot fake passion, I cannot fake love, it’s so native to me to fake feelings. I don’t know how people do it.

I Could Be The Best Friend You Never Had.

I love people and the one thing that bothers me so much is when people are sad. I like positivity and I love spreading it too. Being there for someone is important to me because it gives people someone to talk to at all times so they don’t feel so alone when their sad, Ive been alone so many times before in my life and it’s one of the most hated feeling I think anyone could ever go through.

All everyone needs is one friend they can always count on when they need consoling and I realize I cannot help everyone but I try my hardest to be there as much as I can for people. I hope people read this and decides to be there foreve for at least one person in their life because no one likes the feeling of being alone. Let people know you are there for them and be the best friend they thought they would never have.